healthy summer dinner

Today is Tuesday and its almost afternoon and its sunny day . I hope we will be able to clean our pool so our kids can go and swim. We need to spray our grape wines to get rid of Aphids and spiders. Weather seems little better after so many cloudy days. I saw fox in our backyard 2 days ago. Kids put an old home for homeless cat in our backyard with some food and water. Our neighbors trees are so lush and green. I hope that one day we will able to make our basement and the room upstairs. So even winter time we have enough space for our kids. I hope slowly we will be able clean our basement slowly. I think I am going to wrote about some drinks that we can make  for summer with some snacks.


  • Take we sprigs of mint crush it with pastel and morter and add to the jug of ice cubes and clean fresh water. Add some kind of sweetner in it so it tastes good and serve it and drink it. Its very healthy and has cooling effect on the body and good for digestive system. Mint added to it is very good and refreshing.

Ginger soda

  • Adding ginger and little bit of salt  to your lime soda will ease digestion and cleans your palate for eating your food.


  • If you are able to eat fish its very healthy, low in calories and good source of omega 3.  Helpful in loosing fat and little bit of exercise and yoga  and  even walking helps to loose weight and feels good.
  • Salad greens

I hope you guys like todays recipe.      

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