Fig, apricot and orange

Today is Saturday and weather is gloomy and feels like tropical storm is here. Its very cloudy and breakfast is good and a cup of tea makes it work better. I will write is a recipe of tea and it make our day starts better. Its raining outside. I think we are going to write about benefits of vegetarian health foods that are good for health. I think we are going to write about benefits of vegetarian living.


  • Oranges are healthy and full of vitamin c and vitamin c is full of antioxidants that helps to reduce free radicals and helps to repair cell damage. Helps to heel wounds and make collagen .Makes skin smooth and heals wounds.


  • Apricots are Asian fruit and even found in Europe and other countries. They are admired for their health benefits and beautiful and smooth texture. Apricots has vitamin A that helps for regeneration of eyes and beta carotene helps to improve skin.  They are full of energy and good for healthy living and vitamin c and vitamin e are good for health. Even apricot leaves are good for smoothing throat and eliminating toxins. Apricots are good for digestion.


  • Figs are middle eastern fruit and very healthy and full of vitamins. Potassium, magnesium vitamin K, vitamin A are good for health. It is allow calorie snack. Vitaminb6 is good for brain. Figs has fiber that is good for digestive system. Its good for weight loss and less glycemic value. Fig leaves are very nutritious and used in cooking to wrap the dishes. Fig leaves are good for making tea and very good on digestion.

I think you guys are like our article and give comments.

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