Rice benefits and nutritional value

Its almost afternoon and outside weather is sunny and warm. Our pool looks great and water quality is better then before. I hope cool breeze is coming our way and we will able to do some more yard work. Cleaning and organizing is essential part of summer routine and our trees are supposed to be big and lush green. We are hopping for another tropical storm coming our way full of rain water and moisture so our tropical environment outside is warm and cozy. I think we are going to write about importance of some carbs for human living and sustaining on natural resources for better future.

Basmati rice

  • Rice are essential part of healthy eating because we do need vitamins in it and carbs to work that converts into energy so we can do some workout. Basmati rice are one of the best and very light and fluffy. Easy to digest and good source of healthy nutrients. Its good source of calcium, folate, vitamin A and vitamin C.


  • Take two cups of rice and some ginger and garlic and turmeric in it and add 4 cups of water and cook it until its soft then add some salt and pepper and some green peas and mix it and serve it with garlic sauce and some German sweet cucumbers. Its healthy and good on digestive system.

Brown rice

  • Another kind of healthy rice we can see are brown rice full of vitamins and protein, low in carbs because of low glycemic value. Its good source of calcium, iron and manganese, phosphorous and selenium. Vitamin B1 and B6 are good for brain.


  • Take cup of brown rice and add two cups of water , cook them until they are nice and soft and add some saute vegetables and some salt and pepper and eat with some plain yogurt. Very healthy and good  for digestion.

Sushi rice

  • Another kind of rice mainly used in Asian countries almost has negligible fat and good source of omega 3s, rich in iodine and selenium when wrapped in nori , a kind of seaweed full of vitamins and minerals and also contains fiber, light and good for digestive system.


  • Take cup of sushi rice add one and half cup of water and cook it until soft and cool it and add some nori, some soya sauce and some carrots and eat it, good and healthy nutrition.   
  • I hope you guys like my recipes and they are very easy to make and very good looking with some garnish on them.

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