Healthy eating habits

Its almost afternoon and weather is ok and its windy and breezy. I heard birds outside chirping, and we even saw a snake and a baby in our outside yard. I think I am going to write about some tea and snacks that are healthy and nutritious. I think a balanced diet is very important for good health. Perfect combination of protein, veggies and milk products and fruits and good amount of water is very important for healthy lifestyle. Moderate amount of exercise like doing yoga, gym or walking is good for health. Meditation is another way of improving and soothing effect on the brain. Listening any kind of music is good. To improve our minds reading, writing are very good.

  • Fresh water
  • Drinking fresh clean water is the most important step in healthy living.


  • Green and different color of veggies like cabbage, kale, carrots are very important to clean the human system and have vitamins and minerals that are good to sustain healthy lifestyle. Green veggies contains good amount of mineral iron that is very important to carry oxygen in the body and different parts of self-sustaining system.


  • Protein is essential part of building muscles and tissues in the body  to strengthen the body to walk and to do exercise.

Milk products

  • Low fat milk products are important because they have essential amino acid  DNA chains that are very important to perform essential functions in the body. Milk is good source of plant protein. Most of the Asian countries people drink milk daily, our yogurt and low fat butter milk is very good and probiotic to improve gut health. Paneer or cheeses are very good for stomach biome.

Nuts and snacks

  • Nuts and small healthy snacks are good to boost energy level. Vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and phosphorous and other minerals present in nuts are important for healthy living. Almonds, walnuts, Pecans, coconuts, pistachios are some of the healthy nuts good to eat as a snack.

Exercise and meditation

  • Exercise and meditation and listening to music has calming effect on mind and body. I think our article is good and has valuable information that we need. Sitting outside in fresh air, enjoying few minutes of sunshine is good to kill most of bacteria and viruses.

Healthy drinks

  • If you cannot able to drink milk products drink soya milk, almond milk or coconut milk its very low in calories and full of essential nutrients and vitamins.


  • Fruits should be essential part of everyday life because they are full of healthy vitamins and essential antioxidants and minerals. Apples, peaches. Grapes, bananas should be part of good and healthy habits. Fruits containing vitamins are really good because they have cooling effect on digestive system and light on appetite and helps to improve overall healthy habits.

I hope every body will love my article and love it.

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