ajwain, fennel and fenugreek

Today is Monday and weather is warm and sunny. I saw some beautiful birds outside chirping and playing in the grass. Looks beautiful and very nice. Finally, weather is warm enough to enjoy month of May. Yesterday it seems like Tropical weather arrived with beautiful wind outside and cloudy day with some shower seems so good. I hope this year we will able to go to beach and play with beautiful waves. Sun is shining and abundance of sunshine outside. I think today I am going to write about of fennel tea with some herbs.


  • Fennel is a sweet aromatic herb with beautiful aroma and flavor. Its used worldwide as home remedies and good for digestive system when used in making tea and has cooling effect on the body. Its ha s some vitamins. Calcium, vitamin A, and calcium. Fennel has antioxidants that helps to reduce free radicals that are harmful for humans. Its good on stomach and prevents indigestion and flatulence. It has cooling effect on body and even helpful in treating cramps and improves eyesight.


  • Take two cups of water and put some tea leaves and fennel seeds and cover it and put it in microwave for 2 minutes and let it cover for 5 more minute then add milk, then pour in to cups and drink it. It is good.

Fennel water

  • Fennel water is very good for digestion. Increases appetite encourage urination, boost metabolism and clears mucous and lowers the impact of heat on body.


  • Take a glass of water and put fennel seeds in it and cover it for overnight and early morning drink that water has very good effect on stomach and digestion. Add little bit of stevia to make it taste little sweeter.


  • Fenugreek seeds are mostly grown in Asian countries and even grown for small green leaves and used in Indian cuisine. Its leaves are similar to oxalis but little bitter in taste. It improves appetite helps to lower cramps, reduces bad cholesterol and lower sugar level in body and even helps in improving milk production in certain species of humans and animals. Its used in Indian curries and good for eyesight and digestion.

Recipe for fenugreek water

  • Take a glass of water  and take a tea spoon of fenugreek seeds and put it in water and soak overnight and drink that water early morning. It will help to improve and lower glycemia and improves eye sight. Its even good for digestive system and overall health. Put a teaspoon of boiled turmeric water and a pinch of salt to make it more better tasting.


  • Its grown in Asian countries and seeds are similar to celery seeds and are very good for digestion and fixes stomach issues. Even helps to reduce bad cholesterol. Lowers blood pressure and improves coughing and good for gut health. It helps to relieve cramps and pain. It relives acidity and even helps the cold symptoms and have warming effect on body and good for health.

Combats bad bacteria. It is used in Indian cuisine.

Ajwain lemonade

  • Take a pot of water put teaspoon of a ajwain and simmer it for while and squeeze lemon juice and some salt and pepper and drink this a ajwain lemonade good for digestion and very healthy and calm on stomach. i hope you guys love to read the drink recipes we have for hot and weather and feel cool and healthy.

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