Today is Thursday and almost afternoon. Weather seems fine and little cloudy and hopefully month of May gets better day by day. Its windy outside. Plants seems to grow and survive in this coming weather condition. I think I am going to write about raw mango sauce with mint and chives.


  • Mango is tropical fruit tree and mostly survives in moderate weather conditions. Found mostly in Asian countries. Its full of vitamins and very healthy.


  • Chives are used as herb and for garnish on sauces and make a  presentation good.


  • Mint is perennial herb mostly grown in warm weather. Most of Asian countries have mint. Mint leaves are very beneficial for digestion and healthy. can be used in making sauces, as garnish and even making mint tea.


  • Take one cup of mint leaves and a cup of chopped green mango slices. Add pinch of Salt, pepper and blend until consistency is saucy. Then garnish them with chopped chives. Its yummy and can be eaten with appetizers.

Cucumber pickles

  • Cucumbers are very healthy and good addition as appetizer because good for digestion and they are probiotic.


  • Take few cucumber slices and add pickling liquid and pickling spices and pinch of salt and pepper. Put them in refrigerator and eat in salads, as appetizer and even in sandwich to make it yummy and healthy. A cup of tea is good for drinking while eating appetizers. Always choose good and healthy appetizers and salads. I hope you guys like my recipes.

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