mango and celery salad

Today is Monday May, 10. Weather is very cloudy for today. From few days looks like lots of rain and thunderstorms. All the vegetation is almost green and trees looks fine. Looks like tropical retreat with mangoes and bananas. Yesterday was mothers day and we had a cake with beautiful flowers and good time with my kids. Lets write about mangoes and its benefits for health.


  • Mangoes are found in tropics and are good for digestion and full of digestible fiber and vitamins. They have vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B5 , vitamin K and potassium and thiamine and Magnesium. They are high in polyphenols and anthocyanins that helps to get rid of free radicals and repair damaged cells. It boosts the immunity and improves digestive health. Vitamin A is helpful to improve eyesight and vitamin helps in muscular system. Mangiferin good for heart health. It helps to improve oxidative stress and good for health. This vitamin is essential for collagen boost and good for skin improvement.


  • It’s a green vegetable with Mediterranean origin. It is low glycemic and low calorie vegetable. Highly nutritious and helpful in loosing weight. Good for digestive system because of digestible fiber in it. It helps to control weight and lowers bad cholesterol and make body feel lighter. Its used in salads and crunchy and is vey juicy. It contains vitamins and minerals that’s good for healthy life style.


  • Pecans are found in warm weather in American south and belongs to nut family. Its good source of calcium, potassium and magnesium and good to lower bad cholesterol. Improves heart health and lowers weight and improves stamina. Full of flavonoids and good addition to everyday snack.


  • Its herb grown in western countries and very delicate in flavor and is very mild effect on digestive system and good to enhance aroma and flavor of our mixed salad.
  • You can enhance its flavor by adding apple slices , few sprigs of dill and pecans. Its good and very healthy for body and mind.

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