sweet potato recipe

Today is Friday and weather seems little cloudy and hope for warmth. Outside all the trees are sprouted and looks great. I saw lot of green grass outside and I hope we can able to grow something outside in the real world for coming season. Our neighbors trees looks good and full of leaves. I think I am going to write about sweet potato and onions and their benefits.

Sweet potato

It is a root vegetable and grown in warm weather in Africa and tropical regions. They are good for health and very nutritive. They are good source of fiber , vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A, vitamin c, B6 and potassium present in it make it very good.

Antioxidants present in it helps to reduce free radicals and c and contain soluble fiber. They are good source of protein. Promotes gut health. Vitamin A present in it helps to improve vision. Kills disease forming pathogens. Sweet potatoes are good addition to the food.


Take precut sweet potato cubes and put them in a sortie pan and cook them until they are soft and serve them in a plate and squeeze lemon and salt and pepper on it and eat it. Its healthy and full of nutrition.


Add some coconut oil and cook them until they are brown.

Take precut onions and put it in saute pan and off the heat and then mix with sweet potatoes and serve. They are very good to eat. I hope I will find another recipe tomorrow for you guys so everyone feels good and healthy.

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