vegetarian dinner

Today is Sunday and kind of lazy day but we able to go out and buy stuff for our garden and weather seems cloudy . Hopefully we are able to see showers so our plants will do better. I think Egg plant dish is great for dinner with another dish with potato wedges with white onions and Roma tomatoes.

Egg plant

Its origin is Asian and eaten world wide for its wonderful aroma. It is great source of vitamins and minerals. Its very light on stomach and good for digestive system. Good for cancer prevention and may improves bone health.  It has manganese, Iron and calcium and good for health. Presence of soluble fiber is good for digestion. Helps to fix anemia and phytonutrients helps to boost brain function.


Take big Eggplant and cut them long wedges and take olive oil drizzle it on them add salt pepper, garlic , ginger and chili powder and few cumin seeds. Cook them and off the heat they are ready to serve. Good and healthy.


Potatoes are grown worldwide and good for health. Full of vitamins and minerals , good for digestion and low in carbs. Addition of onion wedges and tomatoes are good.


Cut potato wedges lengthwise and white onions and tomatoes. Cup them in skillet with salt , pepper , onions , chili powder turmeric , ginger and garlic powder. Cook them well and off the heat. Put them in a nice bowl and ready to present. Hopefully you guys like my recipe and enjoy its flavor.

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