green chick peas

Its month of April and I am hoping for better spring season and hoping for good weather. I think I ma going to write about chick peas. I bought it from Indian store and they were frozen then I washed them with water before I cook them.

Chick peas

They are mostly grown in Asian countries and warm weather. These are almost green and take few minutes to cook. They are full of vitamins and minerals. They are good source of protein and have few calories, helpful in reducing blood glucose levels and reduce bad cholesterol. It also improves gut health. Vitamin be is helpful for many functions in the body and provides thiamine and B6.iron and phosphorous are good for bones and zinc helps to reduce free radicals and cleanses the skin. Even calcium in it good for teeth and bone health. It also helps to give energy to the system.


Take a cup of chick peas. And wash them and put them in a pan and add ginger , garlic and red pepper flakes and salt then add them and cook them. mix the ingredients and add amla powder then after cooking. Off the heat and put it in bowl and eat. Its very healthy and have good nutritive value. I am glad that I am able to make something good and nutritive. I hope you guys will like my recipe.

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