Mixed quinoa with cucumber pickle

Today is almost weekend. After snowy day the weather became little milder and after watching changing snowy day in to rainy was good experience. Because we are waiting for good spring season and healthy vegetables. I think I am going to write about quinoa I made today.


Quinoa is a Meso American grain. It is good source of protein for vegan people. Its full of vitamins , protein and fiber and less in calories. Its good source of the building blocks of  some grains and repair DNA sequences. Its low in calories and good source of antioxidants and have magnesium, iron and zinc. Vitamin B is good for brain and bone health. It contain polyphenols helps to fight diseases. It has lower glycemic value. Overall its healthy to eat.


Take one cup of mixed quinoa seeds. Wash them and put them in a pot and add  double the amount of water and cook it until its soft and edible. Add chopped onions and cumin, garlic and ginger powder and a pinch of red pepper flakes. Mix it well. To give it unique touch add some frozen green beans and warm it up until they are tender.


Cucumber is a summer salad  and its grown outside and needs good amount of healthy nutrients and water. Its full of vitamins and minerals. Very low in calories. Its good for skin and clears it. It  promotes weight loss and good for regularity. Because of its cool nature its good for digestion. Vitamins present in it  promotes health.

Recipe of pickled cucumber

Cut cucumber slices add dash of vinegar salt and pepper. Put it in the fridge and eat it with meal. It’s a good probiotic and healthy for digestion.

Put cooked quinoa with green beans according to recipe and serve it with cucumber that is pickled and yummy. I hope you guys will like my recipe and enjoy its health benefits.

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