mixed nuts benefits

Today is another day inspiring season. Weather is very inspiring and warm. I think we will definitely try to grow some beautiful plants outside. Great to see sun shine after so many days of cloudy weather. I think I am going to write about some healthy snacks that are good.


Almonds are very good for snacking. Almond trees are first grown in western China. Most of the Asian countries grow almonds. They are one of the most eaten worldwide. We can find them in grocery stores. They are full of healthy fats, fiber and magnesium and vitamin E. they lower blood sugar level, lowers cholesterol  and contain good amount of vitamin E works as antioxidant to clean arteries.


Cashews are grown in warm Tropical weather. They are very good for health. Good source of omega 3s and plant protein and vitamins like copper, magnesium and manganese. Very good to produce energy and makes our brain healthy and good source of calcium.


Walnuts are grown in Persia originally and also grown in Asian and northern and south American countries.  They are good source of Protein and calcium. Full source of vitamins like copper, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B6 and even mineral Iron. That helps to boost oxygen  level. Omega 3s present in walnuts are heart healthy and has calcium.


 Peanuts are another kind of nuts that are grown in Asian and American south. Very good source of protein, full of vitamins and minerals, copper and calcium and magnesium  good source of formation of bones.

We can find all these snacks in grocery stores and munch on it to carb our appetite   and feel healthier. I hope you guys like my article on healthy snacks and enjoy them.

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