Brown rice with lentils

Today is Tuesday and Month of April. We are hoping for good weather for our Planting season outside. I can hear the birds chirping outside and hopefully sun is shining and weather will get warmer. I think I am going to reknit one of my scarfs so it look better. Some  how weather is becoming cold everyday. Hopefully all our seeds will sprout. I think I am going to wrote about a lentil we made with brown rice.


  • Lentils  are grown mostly in Tropical warm weather and are good source of vegetarian Protein, Iron, minerals. Fiber is good for digestive system and cleanse the colon. Its easy to digest and good for us. for vegans and vegetarian people a bowl of lentils a day is good source of folate and healthy vitamins.


  • Take a bowl of any kind of lentils and wash them then put them in a pot on the heat. Add salt, pepper and half teaspoon of ginger. Half tea spoon of garlic and teaspoon of turmeric and few pepper flakes and table spoon of ginger powder. Cook them until it turns into curry like consistency. Off the heat and wait until they become just warmer and ready to eat.

Brown Rice

  • Brown Rice is grown in warmer weathers in Asian countries. Its good source of vitamins and minerals. Low glycemic value then white rice. Brown rice is good source of fiber and make your belly  full for long time. Very good if you are watching your diet and make shore keep on snacking healthy snacks like mixed nuts just a hand full. They are good source of omega 3s.


  • Take a bowl of Brown rice wash them with water then in a pot take tea spoon of coconut oil and add 2cup of water to one cup of rice. Boil them then lower the heat and cook them until they are  soft to eat. After cooking off the heat. Then take a put some cooked rice and cooked lentils on top of it add some parsley and mixed nuts to garnish. Few pepper flakes and addition of a squeeze of lemon will make it really yummy and healthy to eat. I hope you guys will love my recipe and will try to make it and eat it. Its very good for us and healthy. I hope I will find another good recipe to post .

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