Healthy snacks

Today is month of April and weather suddenly turned cold because of cold front from north arrived. Its snowy and wet. Hope fully weather is going to improve Tomorrow. We tried our best to revive our sun burnt plants and hopefully they can recover from sudden weather change. I think that I am going to write about another excellent snack.


Its an excellent cheese made of cows milk and very healthy and have good nutrition value.  calcium, phosphorous and protein present is good for snacking.

Mustard leaves

Mustard leaves are green and full of minerals and vitamins and iron, good source of calcium and omega 3s.

Turkey slices

Turkey is good source of lean protein and good for muscles.


It’s a herb and can be grown indoors and outdoors in nice warm weather. Full of good and healthy vitamins.  Good for digestion and light on stomach.


Olives are middle eastern and always grown in Mediterranean countries where weather is warm. Its very good for heart and full of vitamin c and antiaging.

I think you guys will like my blog on healthy snacks. I will find another healthy snack idea and write about it.

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