salad with goat cheese

Its Monday and almost afternoon. Weather is little bit cold and I hope the plants will survive this weather. I hope we will able to do some work outside. I hope weather will improve and become warmer. I hope we will able to write about the salad we made and the benefits of the veggies. B


  • Beets is one of the root vegetable that grows outside in the soil . beets can grow in Asian countries and Europe and America when the season is right. They are full of vitamins and minerals. Antioxidants name betalains are good to destroy free radicals. It’s a plant pigment give immune system a boost and has anti inflammatory properties. Decreases blood pressure and helps in Type 2 diabetes. Helps to reduce bad cholesterol and improves athletic and brain function. They are good for health.

Goat cheese

  • Its white full of vitamins and calcium. Very light and good for digestion and little bit tangy and looks good on salad bowl.


  • Chickpeas are a kind of lentil full of protein and vitamins. Good for muscles and most of the middle east and Indians eat it. They are good source of fiber for regularity. And delicious to eat. Good source of vitamins and minerals.

Bell peppers

  • They are good for health and full of vitamin c and minerals. Good source of vitamin A, vitamin c and potassium. And fiber.


  • Take one bell pepper, chick peas, beets. Cut them into slices and we can even add diced tomatoes in our salad bowl. Then take goat cheese and put it on top of salad. I hope you guys like my recipe and try to eat it.  Its heathy and have lots of nutrition in it.      

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