carrot and Lime pickle

Today is Friday April 9.  I think today the day is ok to go outside and do yard work. Because of weather changes days are getting more brighter and most of our trees are on our way to sprout. We planted some more seeds yesterday and lets see how much time they are going to take to sprout. Its almost afternoon. we are drinking our afternoon cup of tea and our ginger snap cookies were delicious. I think we are going to plant our Asparagus plants. Hopefully pray for them to sprout on   Our office tree look ok. We bought it last week. I think we are going to write about aromatherapy oils I used to make our plantation better and healthy. I made delicious pickles from carrots and limes. I am going to write about benefits of carrots.


  • Carrots are very healthy . Grown as vegetable in most of the countries and full of vitamins and minerals. Beta carotene and Vitamin A is present in is good for healthy living. Carrots are full of antioxidants that are good to take care of free radicals. Good source of iron and fiber , good for digestive system.


  • Limes are grown mostly in warm and tropical countries and full of vitamins and vitamin C present in it is acts as an antioxidant  good for calcium absorption and very good for clearing skin conditions and ward of lots of viruses and bacteria due to antioxidant quality. Even lime peel is used for pickling and dry lime peel powder for making face packs that can cure acne and black heads. Lime peel is little bitter but could be very beneficial to improve stomach issues  and overall health issues.
  • I made beautiful looking carrot and Lime peel  pickle.


  • Take one cup of carrots, peeled and cut thinly and one cup of thinly sliced lime. Take a pan put half cup pf olive oil add teaspoon of black seeds, salt, pepper. warm all the ingredients add them together in a pan and cook until they are tender. Take it of the heat and cool it and put it into jar. Eat it a with food and it will acts as probiotic for the stomach and is good for digestion. I think our pickle is really good and I will make something new tomorrow to write about . Thanks for reading and subscribing my blog.

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