fennel,scallion and chives

Today is April 4 and as usual we woke up eat our breakfast with a cup of tea and I see the weather is getting better day by day. Spring is here with beautiful sprouting to welcome new season with our fruit trees lots of planting and cleaning. Weather is turning appropriate according to the season. I cannot wait to plant my incredible indoor sprouts outside. The new trellises we built are awesome and hopefully our grape wines will start sprouting. we are going to prepare are fruit trees to flourish and healthy by taking care of them and providing fertilizer and nutrients to them. I think changing to healthy living is a good thing, getting some fresh air walking and doing age-appropriate exercise is good. Yoga is another way of doing exercise and stretching is good. Doing acupressure massaging is good for proper and healthy muscles and body. Recently I tried tai chi for beginners was very good for joints and mind. Reading and writing are another good brain exercise to keep our mind working and puzzles are very addictive, and I love them. it keeps your mind full of energy and eating healthy boosts our immune system. Choosing healthy lifestyle is essential for aging people. I think I am going to write about some herbs. Fennel is one of them. I grow fennel in my aero garden  and it comes our perfect.

  • Fennel
  • Fennel is native to Mediterranean region and grows all over the world from ancient  Romans to Greeks. It is good for digestive health and has calming effect on the body. It is good for digestive system and stimulates appetite. Fennel leaves can be used as herb to make pesto and very healthy.
  • Recipe
  • Take cup of chopped fennel leaves and add squeeze of lemon juice and pinch of good quality salt and few pepper flakes. Add half cup of organic olive oil and blend it well until it turns creamy. Sprinkle of crumbled Feta is good addition. It can give us Greek touch. Yummy and healthy.
  • Chives
  • Chives are another herb that is good for health and belongs to allium family. They grow wildly all over the world. They have numerous health benefits. Contains a mineral called sulphur , cholin packed with vitamins and minerals. Helps to prevent cancer and good for bones. Also contains vitamin C and vitamin A.


  • Take a cup of Greek yogurt. Sprinkle chives and black pepper flakes and salt. To make it more zesty add a one fourth of teaspoon of garlic powder. Mix them well and use it as a dip for appetizers.


  • Scallions are found world wide and are good addition in health food section. Scallions are good source of certain vitamins  and minerals. Vitamin A, Vitamin K, vitamin c are full of antioxidants and helps to repair cell damage and good for skin and digestion. Very mild in flavor.


  • Take cup of chopped scallions and add juice od two lemons , salt and chili flakes then add one fourth of cup of olive oil and add few a tea spoon of parsley flakes. Blend them together and make pesto. Serve it with appetizers and its very healthy and delicious.
  • Thanks for reading my blog. And have happy cooking. Enjoy the recipes and reach their health benefits. We will love it.  

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