gardening tips for spring

Today is Wednesday and we are drinking our oolong tea after breakfast and everything feels ok. Weather is getting day by day better. We finished making our trellis and today is the last one. Then we have to spray our trees and eventually water them and fertilize our outdoor trees. I hope we will able to improve our garden and make things better for summer. Its late afternoon hopefully we will able to plant few shrubs outside. From almost two weeks we are preparing for our spring garden and the indoor garden idea was awesome. We are sprouting our outdoor plant seeds inside in the sprouting trays so on time we can plant them outside on time.

 Some steps to prepare our garden outside.

  • Let all the soil unfreeze.
  • Then take the shovel and soften the soil be tilting it upside down.
  • Take your fertilizer and mix it properly in the soil.
  • Then check for nitrogen and other nutrient level in the soil according to the need.
  • Once soil is fully amended and well prepared for new plantation then take the sprouted plants out and plant in the soil.
  • After planting sprinkle the water properly so they are happy for new growth.
  • Every week water properly and put proper plant vitamins and minerals in them for proper plantation.

Tips for the garden

  • If you have left over dry leaves from last year mix them in the soil because they have lots of good natural humus forming ingredients in them that right level of humidity by sprinkling water and after words spray of some natural essential oil sprays to make them feel healthy and fresh. Use all the fertilizer made last year in vegetable garden for proper nourishment.
  • I think this is nice and appropriate for summer garden and hopefully will give good yield.

Thanks for reading my article and tips. I will try to write another good article tomorrow again.

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