Mixed green salad

Its Saturday afternoon and we are outside. weather was sunny but last night outside was cold.  We try today few things like cleaning and watching what happened to the dirt outside so we can prepare the dirt for spring veggies and plants. I hope our berry plants will sprout when we plant them outside in sunny weather. New office plant we bought seems ok. I think I am going to make baby spinach salad with boiled eggs and olives and few slices of avocados on it.

Baby spinach

Baby spinach was originated in Asian countries and belongs to Amaranth family and are very nutritious to eat. Full of vitamins and minerals. Its leafy vegetable easy to grow in sunshine and even in shade. Little bit cool weather is ideal for baby spinach to flourish. Is healthy for mind and body. Full of fiber , chlorophyl  and folate and good for digestive system. Iron is another vitamin in baby spinach, vitamin A and vitamin C is good for digestive system.


Avocado are another salad ingredient that is good for health and California and Mexican Avocado are the best ones. Full of vitamins and minerals. Potassium is good for muscles and fiber is good for digestive system and calcium is good for healthy bones and vitamin B2 and B3 and B5 good for brain health. Eating avocados helps to reduce fat and good for health and lowers triglyceride levels in the body. Overall avocados are good addition for healthy living.

Mixed greens organic salad

Mixed green are very healthy and full of vitamins and minerals and vitamins. Fiber is good and are good for smooth skin and nutrition. Using all these ingredients and eating them is very healthy.

I think we did good today and able to right about another healthy salad that is good for healthy living and beauty.      

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