cocoa and hemp seed benefits

Today is Wednesday and weather is getting good. Spring is here and its raining today. Hopefully we will able to start our spring garden outside and able to add manure to outside to grow our vegetables and fruit plants. We tried to sprout our lemon seeds indoors lets see if they can survive outside. Like as usual looking forward to see beautiful spring garden in our backyard. I hope we will able to plant out berry plants outside near our wooden fence. Most of our plants sprouted and ready for spring. As usual we woke up after breakfast and taking care of our plants we are ready to write about it. In the afternoon we cooked amazing vegetarian meal and my dark cocoa powder with milk was amazing. I think I am going to write benefits of dark cocoa powder.

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is ancient and derived from cocoa beans and very popular in south American and Aztecs. We can see cocoa beans are turned into dark chocolate and I very healthy. it has several health benefits. It reduces inflammation in the body full of nutrition, improves heart and brain health. Helps to control weight and good source of selenium. Zinc and iron and restores cognitive function. It gives your immune system boost. Magnesium present in it helps to build muscles and polyphenols are the antioxidants present in it helps to prevent damage and improves overall health. Fiber in it helps to improves digestion.

Now I am going to write about benefits of Hemp seeds.

Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are cultivated in  Asian countries and even in Mediterranean in old times and even in Europe. Hemp seeds are highly nutritious. Protects from inflammation, improves skin contains very high levels of Omega 3s that regulates metabolism and helps to improve immune system contains vitamin E and antioxidant helps to reduce free radicals. Improves damage and reduces cholesterol and reduces symptoms of PMS. It contains soluble fiber and contains healthy plant protein and is very safe and very healthy. omega 3s and omega 6 are good for brain health.  I think we are good and wrote amazing article today about two healthy ingredients and  hope fully able to write about something new tomorrow.

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