Brown rice and oats

Today is wednesday and its almost afternoon and after eating healthy breakfast we are drinking cup of Indian chai and very good. weather is changed and everything is sprouting we have to spray and clean and ready our soil to plant seeds for spring vegetables and flowers. I think today we are going to prepare our soil outside and we already put our green house outside to put beautiful plants and vegetables. I think its going to be fabulous spring. We still has to amend our soil in pots on the deck for new plants. Then check our ph of the soil and water so its clean for winter and planting. I bought a small money tree for my table. I think we are going to  talk about brown rice that are better then white rice because of its low in carbs.

Brown rice

Brown rice are native to Asian countries and are healthier then white rice because of low glycemic value. Brown rice takes more time and slowly absorbs in the digestive system so did nor releases too much energy to fast. Its whole grain and from digestive tract has fiber in it. Helps to lower cholesterol, removes waste from digestive tract. Due to presence of phytochemicals and minerals it lowers the risk of certain cancers. Reduces the heart stroke risk and type to diabetes. Folic acid helps to improve new cellular division. Iron helps to carry oxygen for better life and growth. Mg and selenium helps to improve immune system and even regulate thyroid gland function.

Oat meal

Oats are ancient food and very healthy and full of omega 3 and fiber. Its one of the healthiest grain. Full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Oats have way more vegan protein then milk. Manganese, magnesium, copper, zinc folate, iron and vitamin b6 and b3 are some of the vitamins we can e helps to reduce blood . Helps to reduce weight and avenanthramides present in oats helps to reduce blood pressure and helps to dilate blood vessels to better flow of blood. Fiber name beta -glucan helps to reduce fat and reduce blood glucose level in the blood.  Colloidal Oat meal helps to reduce skin irritation and symptoms of eczema and also reduce risk of asthma and shortness of breath and wheezing helps to reduce constipation helps to relieve symptoms.

I think i am done writing for today and i am going to work out side for coming spring season for gardening. I hope we will do some new spring projects for improving our gardening and our spring cleaning.

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