benefits of sprouts and pumpkin seeds

Today is March 17 and its almost evening time and weather is cold and we are still waiting for spring time and hope fully our plants will grow better and indoor plants will survive this winter weather and we will see sun shine tomorrow for today try to grow sprouts indoor so we can do something and help each other by doing house cleaning and washing dishes and spend time by writing something creative.


I am going to wrote about benefits of sprouts. Last week I made sprouts from moong beans. we put a cup of moong beans in water for one day and then put them in to sprout maker for 3 days and then they sprouted. They are high in nutrition and high in protein and vitamins and minerals. Lower cholesterol and good for health. we can make several different kinds of sprouts of different kind of lentils. Their days of sprouting are different. They have high source of protein for vegetarian people.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are very healthy and full of nutrients and lot of fiber. Pumpkin seeds are full of antioxidants and improve our health and lower blood glucose level and reduce he risk of cancer cells and free radicals. It killed diseases causing organisms and reduce inflammation. pumpkin is source of tryptophan that is good source of selenium and copper and very helpful in sleep. It also contains manganese and vitamin k helps to boost immune system and fight against bacteria and viruses.

I think that is for todays blog and I hope we will able to wrote about something nutritious.

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