pineapple and papaya benefits

Its almost afternoon  and weather is very cold and windy. I think in a week or two spring is going to be here. I think we are going to write health benefits of papaya and pineapple.


It is a tropical fruit and  very healthy and full of vitamins and antioxidants. Its full of vitamins and minerals. Carotenoids present reduce oxidative stress and helps to reduce free radicals. May reduce risk of diseases. It lowers cholesterol level. Papaya improves digestion and protect skin against damage. Its very. delicious and versatile.


It is a tropical fruit and full of vitamins and minerals, contains disease fighting minerals. Helps to loose weight good for digestion  and promotes healthy bone. Decreases stress level and very healthy. Its good for teeth , it slows down cell damage and fight against dangerous  organisms. High in vitamin C and very good for eye health reduces risks for heart disease and boosts immune system, takes away nausea and vomiting. Bromelain in it reduces acnes. It even treats  black spots and good for skin and hairs.

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