Rice quinoa ang broccoli

Today is Thursday. Its morning time. I think we are going to do spring gardening. Some of our trees looks fine and I wonder if our gardenia plants will sprout again. We watered them and lets see if sunshine can revive them. Hopefully its going to be good spring.

Benefits of rice with cilantro and quinoa and broccoli

Rice are native to Asia and are very beneficial. Full of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Light and helps in digestion and healthy. they contain vitamin B6, Magnesium, phosphorus, selenium etc. good for heart.

Quinoa is very healthy, vitamins and protein are the ingredients. Native to Mexico and you can find it in grocery stores good for digestion, good source of fiber. Mix it with rice and good to eat.


Its an Asian vegetable. Good source of calcium minerals and vitamins. Full of fiber and nutrients.    

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