Eggplant yogurt and wheat roti trio

Its morning time. Grass is getting better. Its windy and sunny outside. I think weather is turning good and I think we are able to do our gardening soon. I think I am going to write about eggplant with whole wheat roti and yogurt.

Eggplant benefit

Egg plant is Asian vegetable and very healthy for body. Its great source of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin K, VitaminB6, thiamin and vitamin niacin and copper and fiber and folic acid and potassium. Its good for stomach and improves bone health. High in iron and have phyto nutrients help to boost memory .


Yogurt is very good for digestive health and good for gut and good for digestive health and boost immune system and help in weight loss and is probiotic. It changes the microflora in the gut.


Its made of whole wheat flour and very healthy. its good source of soluble fiber loaded with complex carbohydrates. Good energy source to work out. Rich in vitamin B1, Magnesium, good for brain, vitamin B6, folic acid, zinc.

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