cilantro and toffu soup

Today is Monday. Weather is sunny and grass look ok. I think we are able to do seeding because spring is here. Gardening is another way of feeling healthy. I think we are going to make beautiful garden with vegetables and we are going to plant and I think its going to be good garden.


Coriander is a herb and its very healthy for you. Its name is coriander sativum. You can find it in Asian markets. It has tremendous health benefits. It helps in lower blood sugar. Anti oxidants present in it boosts immune system lowers inflammation and benefit heart health, improve memory and very healthy and even detoxify the system.

Coriander soup with tofu

Take 1 cup of coriander and add tofu in it and cook for few minutes until ready to eat. Use salt and pepper ginger and garlic about half teaspoon in the coriander soup. Enjoy its very healthy and detoxifying.

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