pine tree tea

Today is Saturday  and looks sunny and grass is green  and trees are about to sprout  because spring is here and we are ready to prepare our soil for gardening. Weather is turning warm day by day and we are going to be warm outside and our trees are going to look stunning. Outside wooden fence look beautiful. We need to fix our broken trellis and green house that is broken due to snowstorm. Our pine trees looks so awesome. I think one day we will try pine leaves tea.

Pine leaf tea

Pine leaf tea is very healthy. it helps boosting immune system, improve vision and prevent respiratory tract infection, help in cognitive function, stimulating circulation, strengthen heart and speeding healing.

Take 2 cups of water add few pine leaves, boil it for 5 minutes and then after it get warm drink it and observe if it helps drink it for few days. Its important to know what pine species tea is safer to drink. Eastern white pine is safer to drink. Younger needles  are bright green in color and sweeter to drink add honey or lemon to make it better.

I think I am done for today .

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