sweet potato, tofu and cauliflower

Today is Monday. Weather is turning good and snow almost melts. I hope spring is here soon and we will able to work in our garden and grow nice vegetables for our family. I think I am going to write about sweet potatoes, cauliflower and  tofu.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are root vegetables and full of nutrition, fiber and minerals. It Promotes gut health; antioxidants present in it helps to reduce free radicals to improve health. Vitamin A present very healthy for vision. It enhances brain function and help to improve immune system. Vitamin C, potassium.


Cauliflower is a vegetable. It contains many nutrients. Its high in fiber. Its good source of antioxidants helps to cure brain problems and help to reduce free radicals. Its high in choline that is good for eye health. Very low in carbs so help in weight loss. Easy to add to your diet .


Tofu is Asian food made of soybeans and very healthy. It is good source of all nine amino acids. It is good source of vitamins and manganese, copper, Zinc and vitamin C. It lowers cholesterol because it has low carb and high in protein. Help to improve kidney function, help to reduce menopause and very healthy for you.

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