bitter guard and its benefits

Today is Monday, Its again snowing. We practice our meditation and ate our breakfast and when I looked outside I saw snow falling outside.  School bus passed by our street. Normally kids stay home and studying online. Our meditation music is very relaxing and healing. Our patch of forest is still standing outside in the snow. I think snow is melting. I just made a cup of Indian tea with herbs, taste awesome. Its almost afternoon and I think I am going to write about another vegetable that is very healthy and used in Asian cuisine.


  • In Asia they call it bitter guard. Its rich in vitamins and minerals and have very health vitamins.
  • Bitter guard detoxify liver and boost enzymes in gut.
  • Its full of fiber and helps in digestion and bowl movement.
  • It decreases cholesterol and reduces LDL.
  • It boosts energy and prevents infection and allergies.
  • It helps to reduce colon cancer.
  • Helps in weight loss.
  • It cleanses blood and helps to heal wounds quickly.
  • Give luster to hair and good for kidney.
  • It has potassium in it.
  • Helps to maintain blood sugar level.
  • Antioxidant present in it boost immunity.
  • It helps to reduce eye related problems.
  • I am making bitter guard with potatoes and onions.


Take one onion and cut in to thin slices then put it in the skillet and put ginger powder, turmeric, pepper, salt , garlic powder and add mustard oil cook it until golden brown and then add sliced potatoes and  sliced bitter guard. Cook it until tender and add juice of one lemon and I cup of water. Cook it until bitterness goes away. Then serve it with rice. Its healthy and good for you. I think I am done and I will try to write another good ingredient.

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