Tofu with brown rice

Its almost evening time. We still has lost of snow outside. Its very cold outside. White snow on trees and still more coming next week. Looks like big climatic change. I wonder how some trees are still standing giving shelter to lots of wild animals and wildlife still providing food to lots of birds and animals.  Brown rice are native to Asian countries.

Brown Rice

Brown rice are full of vitamins. Comes in category of grains.  Brown rice has low glycemic index. Phytochemicals are antioxidants that help to lower risk of cancer. Improve digestion and lowers cholesterol level. Vitamin B present helps in many biological functions. Folate present help in renewal of cells. Iron, present helps to carry oxygen to body. Magnesium is very helpful to clear skin. Selenium helps to improve immune system. Lower glycemic index helps to improve diabetes.  I think I am going to write recipe of brown rice and side dish Tofu and broccoli.

Take 2 cups brown rice with four cups of water , boil it and cook it until  cooked perfectly.

Take a broccoli florets and add 2 cups of tofu and cook it in turmeric, ginger , coriander and pepper flakes and salt. Simmer it until its cooked and then serve it with brown rice.   

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