quinoa with winter squash

Today is Wednesday and its almost afternoon. Its still winter here. Lots of snow outside very  cold. I am watching some documentaries about Tibetan religion a d Buddhism. Great religion. Peaceful people most of the time trying to teach meditation and discipline to their youth. I my self find meditation is important part of life, keeps us in touch with our inner self    and omkar our higher self. It purifies our soul and create positive and healing to ourselves and our surroundings. Listening to meditative music creates peace and tranquility to us and the people around us. praying for healing and health for humanity is a good practice to do every day. Eating healthy and organic food is another step towards connecting to nature and being healthy. Today I am going to talk about quinoa grain.


  • quinoa is eaten by Aztecs and Mexican people around centuries.
  • Quinoa is gluten free high protein food contains 9 essential amino acids.
  • Its high in fiber so very healthy for digestive tract.
  • Full of vitamins like magnesium, phosphorous, folate, copper, iron and zinc and potassium, full od vitamin B , calcium and vitamin E and omega 3s.
  • Its very nutritious and healthy. good for loosing excess weight.
  • Heart healthy have antioxidants like quercetin and kaempferol.
  • Both flavonoids are anti inflammatory and anti viral properties.
  • Good for fighting free radicals and anticancer properties.
  • Gluten free and perfect for people who are intolerant to gluten.
  • Protein is made of 9 essential amino acids. It’s a complete food.
  • Lowers blood sugar level, good for heart and very high in minerals.
  • So today I made healthy quinoa mixed with lentil sprouts and squash for my family.
  • Recipe
  • 2cups of quinoa with ginger, garlic powder with dash of organic red chilies and lentil sprouts by adding 1tablespoon of coconut. 4cups of water , boil it and simmer it until its cooked. Sprinkle some salt. Its ready to serve.
  • Another side dish is squash with hint of ginger, garlic and red pepper flake and salt and of course turmeric. Mix it well and cook it for 15 minutes until tender its ready to eat. Serve it with Quinoa. Its delicious and healthy.

I hope you guys will like my recipe and todays article.

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