Fish and Broccoli

Today is Monday. Weather is bad outside. Its going to be snow and sleet. This year winter is hard. Usually we do not have that much snow this year is full of snow. Its almost evening time eating healthy dinner. Today I am going to try salmon with broccoli. Both are very healthy.

  • Salmon

 Its good source of high-quality protein. Full of vitamins, antioxidants and omega -3 fatty acids including K, selenium and vitamin B12. It contains DHA and EPA. Good for joints and brain and central nervous system. It reduces diseases and help to improve immune system and helps to reduce weight. Helps to reduce heart disease. By eating fish in your food often helps to reduce weight and cholesterol in the body. Fish is very good source of protein to maintain healthy muscle.  Overall eating fish is very good choice and healthy.

  • Broccoli.

Broccoli is very good for health. It contains vitamins, minerals and bioactive compounds. Broccoli contains antioxidants help to reduce cancer cells. Calcium improves bone health and collagen present improves skin and tissues and is anti-aging. Vitamin k helps at many levels to keep bones healthy. vitamin C is very healthy to boost immune system. It may help to prevent bone loss, cataracts and anemia and skin damage. Fiber is healthy for digestive health. Helps to prevent inflammation, arthritis and diabetes. Its very healthy for heart health because of presence of k. It contains load of vitamins like B, Zn, Cu, lutein, selenium and range of antioxidants.

So overall salmon and fish is very good and healthy and improves health.

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