tofu benefits

Today is Friday. Weather outside is very calm and driveway still packed with snow. I think another snowstorm is coming next week.

I watched evergreen forest documentary. It was beautiful to see how nature is preserving our forests and animal and plant life. Natural cascades and rivers were so peaceful and calm. I felt lot better after watching nature doing best to preserve and heal our planet and species and then I saw how some of our eco friends and students helping to preserve forests. Next video I watched was Thai cooking in Hawaii by using all-natural backyard ingredients. I made  lemon grass and coconut rice with mix vegetables. Then I saw islands oceans. I find meditation on om the infinite is very healing and good effect on our mind and body. Thinking good about other people and pray for health and goodness for whole planet and the living flora and fauna heals you inside out and we will spread positive healing energy to us and the persons and our surroundings.  I found tofu very interesting and healthy.

  • Tofu is good protein source for all the people. It contains all nine amino acids.
  • Its good source of iron, Mn, phosphorus, Mg, Copper Zn nd vitamin B1.
  • Tofu has phytoestrogens called isoflavons reduces the risk of breast cancer.
  • Tofu is good in menopause reduces hot flashes in woman.
  • Iso flavones reduce risk of LDL and reduces the risk of high blood pressure.
  • Antioxidants present reduces risk of cancer.
  • Soy protein helps to reduce risk of diabetes.
  • Soy helps to reduce osteoporosis.
  • Tofu is good for age related diseases and for brain health.
  • Tofu contains omega -3 alpha – linolenic acid. They have load of health benefits prevents PMS and prevents migraine and headaches.
  • Overall tofu is good for health and mind.

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