Today is Friday and its almost afternoon and weather seems sunny and I think we are going to write about benefits of coconut oil. coconuts are mostly found in  Tropical climates and the islands . They are very nice to look and have great medicinal value.  Coconut seeds are one of the biggest.

Coconut water is very good to dehydration and it helps to retain water and valuable minerals  in the body.

Coconut pulp is good for digestion because of presence of vitamins.

For skin and hair health it do wonders.

Antioxidants present in it are very healthy to get rid of free radicals that are harmful.

Coconut has Mn that is good for bone health and synthesis of protein and carbs in the body.

Selenium is good for protecting cells.

Coconut has good fats in it that helps to reduce bad cholesterol.

Coconut is good source of Zn that is very good to cure skin issues.

Coconut is full of fiber so very good to let go undigested fecal matter.

Coconut pulp is good for digestive system .

Overall coconut is good health and could be very beneficial for healthy hairs and skin.

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