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Today is Friday. Weather is cold and its almost morning time. We can see trees shadows on the grass looks weird. Backyard fencing is same. The only thing we drink is cup of coffee and try to write about something.  I think we are going to write something about coffee. Turkey was the first country to roast coffee beans to make coffee. Coffee beans are grown in tropical environment to the coffee plant. They are grown on plants and is brewed and drinkable.

Coffee has caffeine in it. It helps to improve metabolism. Even improves type 2 diabetes. It improves cognitive function of brain and protect against diseases because coffee improves central nervous system and function by boosting energy and brain function by improving the cellular metabolism. An antioxidant present in it helps to reduce premature aging and boost collagen formation. It improves mental alertness and enhances the mood can be very good to improve depression and protects and enhances brain function. Caffeine work as stimulant for brain. proper use of coffee can improve neuro degenerative diseases and brain disorders. Overall coffee can we good for you when used in moderation.

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