Natural resources

Today is Tuesday and I think its almost afternoon. I think eating healthy is very important for health and wellbeing. Eating something you like that is nutritious is very heathy. I think weather is cold but sunny. I can see some snow outside. There is light wind blowing. I think we are talked enough and we need some rest or we can read something so we can after noon. Its Wednesday and morning time and weather is winter and cold and windy. Pine trees are dancing in the wind outside. Grey leaves are fallen and very few snow patches left. Shining snow on dry leaves outside near outside wall. Neighborhood seems silent and we can hear sound of wind blowing outside. Sky is cloudy and gray and little bit of blue.  Trees outside have different shapes and sizes. In some trees branches grows from bottom and then surrounded by green grass.  Their branches grows towards sky as they reach up towards sky become more tiny but lot of them like a canopy. But if you see the root system near the soil outside goes into dirt surrounded by green grass and a green bush. Due to cold wind some small branches fell on dirt. If you go towards forest area you can see some old algae patches with forest trails and fallen leaves. when you walk across the street and go towards Vernon you can see lots of housing on Fraiser fur road and a pond towards the end with some benches and dog walkers and ducks crossing the street  and even a small lake with a standing boat and sometimes they open that pond for a hobby called fishing. Even walking across that street with a dog can help to get fresh air and we can observe a habitat for some surrounding flora and some bird and animals. If you go you can see a old cabin kind of look like in wooded area seems very appropriate for that cabin with some rustic old flayer and another small river going through wooded area. Another pond with lots of algal plants. In a summertime a guy working on his gardening plants taking fresh rain river water for gardening plants and that another pond may have some small fishes playing and living under that pond of water in groups and feed on that algae and water plants. What a incredible habitat in a small water pond. You may see some water lilies under water with a beautiful foliage. Pond is surrounded by tall trees with a small house and some local trees may have incredible medicinal and botanical value and good for eco system. We may find beautiful local plants and birds and even very small plants that may be good for ecology and local forest and very healthy for local ecosystem that’s incredible natural ecosystem created by mother nature to heal the planet and its valuable natural resources. I hope we all together help our planet and ecosystem together.  

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