Sandy beach

Wednesday , December2020

Its almost evening time, day was fine. We went to the sandy brook beach looks more like oyster beach. On the way lot of people on the road, trucks were in the parking lot paying their tolls. We see lots of people on the way, traffic lights almost all the roads and the side roads have barren trees almost no leaves and only some of them closer to home are green. When we reach near the beach almost all the bushes have dried then going from one path towards the beach has broken sea shells and some of the sea shells were fine. We only see two albatross birds playing with sea shells and we walked on the beach picked up clusters of oysters so we can take pictures. This beach was extremely cold very windy , even after covering our heads and wearing winter coats we were freezing and try to make memorable videos collecting sea shells and after walking we were very cold because of winter months then we walked back to our parking area walking through barren sandy pathways and on crushed sea shells and reached our van and try to come back home. Watched food truck fest on the way, decided to come back in summertime. Watching travelling people on the way back home to see our family. Again took our winter jacket off and try to get in routine work and write our travelling adventure at sandy brook beach. On the way back we see lots of houses near seashore looks very small and very old. We also see a creek of water. Due to winter season most of the birds migrated towards warmer climates. All their Bay area was closed and all the boats were covered a bridge near beach and I think this beach is near New haven and the food Truck Fest was in New London. Reaching home after a beach walk near Atlantic Bay area in cold winter. What a experience. Overall not a bad day , way better then staying home all the time. Albatross picking up a sea shell and dropping it off the sandy beach, watching them fly across the ocean with a tiny ocean waves. Incredibly the beach water was very clean looks grey because of shadow of grey clouds. its almost night time and hopefully tomorrow will bring something better.

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