Essential oils

Tuesday December 29, 2020

Its Tuesday and weather is cold and sunny. Street is silent just windy and grass is green. Cranberries are almost gone. Cookies are finished. Rose marry plant did not survived because of coffee. Still some leaves are flying. Our black tea seems ok little bitter not bad. Christmas tree is still in the room. neighbors wreath look awesome a brick house with slope on backyard and decorated with sleepy trees and brown bushes with little bumpy grass in the front yard.

I was reading article on essential oil. seems very interesting. Some people study essential oil and their benefits for skin and stress relief even for headaches and pains. Like ginger oil is very good to massage on joints to relieve pain. Essential oil stimulates olfactory system that connects to brain and nose and helps to stress relief and cure many ailments.

Lemon balm oil is good for colds and flues. It cures headaches and stress .

Eucalyptus oil is good for getting rid of certain viruses and bacteria and even help to get rid of pesky pets.

Rosemary oil is very good for digestion . kills bacteria and viruses and good for immune system when used in minute quantities.

Mint oil is good to relieve colds and cough . cures nausia and vomiting and morning sickness.

Lavender is good for sleeping and stress relieve and for relaxation by putting few drops of it on head or sole of the feet.

Tea tree oil is good to get rid of acnes and viruses. It is antifungal and anti bacterial. using it in minute quantities is very helpful.

So they are very helpful in daily life when used in minute quantity.      

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