thought of the day

Monday , December 28, 2020

Its almost afternoon and weather seems better then before, little sunshine came. Its still winter and we can see tall trees outside, even their shadows on the ground. Little wind touching barren trees because of fallen leaves. old fence with algea outside touching neighbor yard. Pile of leaves near fence. Neighbors pine tree moving with wind still green and intact even after big snowstorm. I think another snowstorm is coming in few days. Ground with patches of green grass. Drinking tree without milk is awesome even the pine cones have different shapes and sizes. Few days ago our grandma make lemon peel tea that was awesome, seems like good alternative to regular tea. There are so many kinds of plant life with different kinds of leaves with different shapes and sizes seems incredible but strange to when we see them closer. Even the paintings of Japanese  flower prints are very unique. Plants ion mountains like spruce etc are very different from plants in the plains like Banyan tree, water plants like water lilies ,desert plants like cactus and swamp  plants like mangroves, tropical plants like Ferns etc. all the plants are different shapes and sizes because of different climatic conditions ,they live and thrive. Like different weather cold in winter, extreme cold up north. Summer means hot and warm, tropical summer means hot and humid; deserts means too hot all the times. Tropics have way more hurricanes and rains because of hot and cold weather combinations. Its almost evening time, sky is turning dark grey with very light hue of orange, sky is still having some light and if we are looking out of our window night is falling with some darkness and hardly any lights are on in neighbor’s house. Maybe they went for vacation somewhere. We are ok improving on our math and Botanical skills for our vacation  days and waiting for another snow storm to come so kids can play in snow storm and even enjoy winter  months. Even sometimes driving in the darkness seems fun because of dark experiences and try to figure out how to reach home and visit friends and talk to them for change. It will feel good and you will feel better. We learnt algebra and try to improve our math skills. I hope Tomorrow will bring us more hope and more goodness to improve our life.       

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