holiday snack with lemon

Today is Wednesday and street is silent and its still snowy and cold outside.  It almost afternoon and I am tried to write my blog  so  I will be busy and pass my time writing about a beautiful dream I a had that I was walking in the street with my friends and it felt so good to be outside this home and walk. House seems very silent and nice. Our neighbor has Christmas wreath and a bow on it. Its above their door and seems nice. Because of daytime Christmas tree lights are off.  A car just passed our street. We ate our protein of the day with our crane berries and our Deutsh cookies. In a little while we are going to drink our another cup of tea with some very important healthy herbs sitting on beautiful brown chair watching Christmas lights in our neighbors yards with nice halo. Most of our trees are cold and want to sleep our mini office tree. Lets write about our lemonade with Meyers lemon.

Meyers lemons are native Asia and America and European countries. They have many health benefits. They contain vitamin C, A , folate and their lemon peels contain essential oils. Even full of antioxidants.

Vitamin C present in lemons help to clear skin. Good for new cell formation.

Vitamin A is very helpful in clearing Eye sight .

Vitamin C helps in absorption of   calcium to improve bone health .

Essential oil in lemon peel is reducing odors and bad smells.

You can use lemon peel mixed with pinch of baking soda and a spoonful of yogurt to use as face mask to clear skin issues.

Few lemon peels with a spoon of baking soda can help to reduce irritation and itching.

Lemon juice is good for neutralizes acidity.

Nausea and vomiting can be relieved by drinking lemon juice.

In summertime drinking lemonade has cooling effect on body.

Drinking lemon juice with a teaspoon of honey can help to reduce weight and helps to reduce body odors and feels good.

Lemon peel marmalade is good for putting on the toast in winter mornings with a warm cup of tea.

Lemon peel tea with teaspoon of honey and ginger helps to reduce coughs and colds.

Vitamin c helps to boost immune system and immunity in the system.

Dark chocolate with lemon flavor good for aging skin.

Little bit of lemon zest on pasta could be good addition with a touch of olive oil.

Overall all the points in our blog is good and very knowledgeable and good for healthy holiday meals.

Christmas decorations be a good addition to celebrate family time together.

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