Mauritius island

Today is Thursday and there is lot of snow outside and sunshine and weather is getting little windy outside and seems very cold. And then we see one of our G mails about new population of blue whales arriving at ocean looks beautiful. Its massive must have family and playing and the dancing in ocean part is incredible and looks in harmony and dancing along ocean waves in beautiful nice blue waters and hopefully other north Atlantic sea life is reaching their destined sea shores and islands after incredible journeys and experiencing snowfall jumps in cold water  and we ere walking along the shore to see their incredible display and dance. Even their beautiful whistling calls in ocean water and even when they dive in to deep water. Another beautiful memory along the coastline Mauritius islands after scuba diving and canoeing and learning about islands culture and cuisine going along the island roads to sea different communities and impressive shoreline and beautiful ocean breeze and even going in the ocean by ship in the submarine with my family and kids was one of the most incredible experience we have. Next day going on speed boat then in the evening time going in the ocean shoreline to do scuba diving to see beautiful Marine life and incredible corals was a very surreal experience and one of the best memories I have. Its almost near afternoon and we are trying to write about another incredible experience and lets going tomorrow hopefully we wake up on time and go. Mauritius island was on Indian ocean has flocks of fishes, big and tiny even turtles and sea creatures and lots of seashells. water was warm they’re with sea algae, sea anemones, warm vents.  We even see wreckage of ship in warm Indian ocean when we went in submarine and flocks of fishes and sea algae and other marine flora and fauna. we went for snorkeling and scuba diving in ocean. we see incredible marine life under very clean ocean water. I think that is one of the most beautiful memories we have, and I found a picture of ocean island to post.         

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