salad benefits

Today is Tuesday and weather is sunny but chilly because of lot of winter snow outside. Trees looks barren because of snow melted on trees and leaves. street looks silent. Cup of tea with home grown basil leaves seems awesome. Eating a sandwich with a cup of tea in the morning looking outside towards white cold snow seems awesome. Winters are very silent where we are. We watched pictures of northern lights, clean water rivers, beautiful vallies, picture perfect lakes, beautiful Geysers and waterfalls. Our grass is covered with snow. Sometimes during extreme winter times everything freezes and even waterfalls seems frozen on the way travelling so we can survive using road maps going far far away from civilization, where no one can disturb us and we can go up north. We made a beautiful tea color stain on a paper and its awesome. We watched show about Christianity, and it was very informative and interesting seems great. We went to get our dogs food and Christmas gift for our dog. Now its almost evening time. Outside its very silent.

  • I think mini cucumbers may be a good vegetable to eat. Mini cucumbers are native to Asian countries and can be grown from 3000 years around the globe.  Its high in nutrients. It contains anti oxidants and vitamins. Due to good water content its keep you hydrated and helps in weight loss good for digestive system and promotes regularity. Helps to clear skin, helps to reduce inflammation because you can eat cucumbers as salad. Its another way to put more K and fiber in your body.
  • Another good ingredient to eat is sweet Italian peppers.  They are grown in Greece and Italy.  Peppers has vitamin A, anti cancer properties because of presence of antioxidants, improves hair growth and health and vitamin C helps to kill viruses and bacteria and good for health and helps to improve vision.
  • We have another ingredient called Italian radishes.  Italian radishes are originated in Greece and Italy.  Good source of Vitamin B 9 and very good for digestive health and growing children and have cooling effect on body and clears skin and helps in weight loss and good source of calcium good for digestive system and neutralizes acid reflux because of presence of vitamin C in it. It lowers blood pressure and  good for diabetes to reduce and cleans and detoxify the system.
  • I think  our todays blog is good and we are going to be good and we are doing fine and be good.  

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