Tea benefits

Today is Sunday and its December 30 and weather is grey and cloudy outside and still lot of snow. It seems like weather is going to be very snowy. Some of our trees seems green and some are dried and sleeping due to winter weather. We tried sage and very nice flavor.

Sage is a herb used in herbal medicines and herbal teas. It has lots of health benefits. It has vitamins B6, calcium , Mn and vitamin K, A and E  helps to reduce risk of cancer and improved brain function and memory. Antioxidants in sage neutralizes free radicals. Polyphenols helps to reduce cholesterol and fat and also antibacterial and antifungal. Sage helps in aging and to balance hormones and reduce menopausal symptoms and has anti microbial properties. Has many health benefits .

Thyme is perennial herb. Thyme contains vitamin c, A, Copper, fiber, iron and Mn.  Thyme lowers blood pressure, reduces cough, helps to reduce cold used as antifungal and anti bacterial in certain cases and also has anti septic properties. Carvacrol present in thyme oil has positive effect on neurons and moods and feelings.

Bamboo leaf tea is very healthy and used in Asian cultures for its health benefits. It promotes collagen to promotes healthy skin and joints. Also promotes hair growth and keratin. Bamboo tea leaf helps to reduce stomach disorders reduces cholesterol and helps to reduce weight and other health benefits and makes environment clean and calm.

Rosemary tea is good for health. Its anti microbial, anti inflammatory and lowers blood sugar, improve memory and brain function. It may protect eye health. And has anti bacterial properties and help to reduce free radicals and promotes hair growth.

I think my tea article is good .

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