Best wishes for christmas

Today is Friday and month of December and it almost afternoon. Yesterday lot of snow fall happened and outside is full of snow.  Our office tree is very small. Rosemary plant is brown in color and we can use it as dry herb. We smelled lemon oil smells so good. Little  sunshine came out . weather seems better. Its almost evening time and some of our trees still got some ice and we feel way better. We went out and there is very less people outside and after word we try Greek feta and olives and they were good very tangy but awesome. Our mouth feels sour and seems like evening is approaching and its colder and sun is setting. Its next day and as usual we went in the kitchen ate our vegetarian breakfast and then try to drink a cup of tea that I made and its still snow outside very close to the wooden fence and even snow surrounds trees neighbors yards both side of the streets. Our neighbors pine trees seem fine in snowy grass and yards. Outside its picture-perfect winter. I hope we feel better. We see some travel videos. Our wildlife seems better and we see some pictures of ct beaches and they seems so clean and they have singing because of lots of shells that makes singing sounds. I think our peanuts taste good and we appreciate your culture. Best of luck for Christmas and coming holidays.  

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