Todays thought

Today is Thursday and month of December and its almost afternoon snow is still falling, and flurries are very less. Very nice and cold outside. Our neighbors are sliding seems fun. We drink our herbal tea and we seems to do better our neighbors are cleaning snow from their car. Little amount of tea left in our cup of tea. I think we are going to write about cranberries.

Cranberries cooling effect on humans are very good for health and very healthy for urinary tract infections and good to detoxify the system and colon cleansing and Help to cleanse palate and due to antioxidants  improve immune system.

Another good and unique vegetable is Taro leaves. mostly Polynesians eat them and full of vitamin A, B and C. Taro leaves has antioxidants that protects against diseases. Full of vitamins even calcium and fiber because they are good for digestive health/ reduces cholesterol and good for weight loss and helps to lower Bp because of high levels of Potassium and B vitamins.  I think that is enough for today. We are being awesome today. Its almost evening and its tea time and we are going to drink tea with cookie and may feel better.

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