Mint , basil and Eucalyptus tea

Today is Thursday and month of December. We are having snowstorm and outside looks beautiful. Even in the night time it seems so white and seems like day even in the night without sun. I think today is going to be better day. Our indoor plants may need water. Now weather is getting windy outside and we can see snow felling from neighbor’s roof. Our roof is covered with snow and its falling with wind on the snow on the soil. Winter seems to be interesting and nice and cold. Our rosemary plant is dried because of we put coffea in it. Our walnut cookie was good. We need water bottles. Snow on the window is forming cold layers of snow looks white and beautiful.

  • I think we are going to write about white Jasmine and rose tea. Its anti depressant and very soothing in herbal medicine. It has antioxidants and phenolic compounds that helps to reduce free radical damage and other diseases.
  • Another kind of tea that is good is Basil tea. It contains eugenol, camphene and cineole. It helps to improve breathing by clearing air passages and have anti microbial and anti viral activities. It reduces stress and anxiety. It helps to sleep better and good for metabolism.
  • Another kind of tea is  rosemary tea that is good for health. It has antioxidants, anti microbial, anti inflammatory compounds. good for brain and eye health and vision because of presence of phenols.
  • Mint tea is another kind of tea that is very good for health. It helps to reduce headaches, clogged sinuses, improve  sleep and cure infections and fight against bad viruses and improves energy because of presence of menthol, limonene and eucalyptol etc.
  • Another kind of tea is eucalyptus tea that is herbal and very good for health. Its made from eucalyptus leaves and good to improve headaches, bronchitis and anti viral and anti bacterial to improve health.

I think we have good tea  blog and  by proper use these teas can be  beneficial to improve health .  

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