Travel through usa

Today is Friday. All day we did not do any thing its almost evening time and we watched Zion national park video with very unique landscape with vibrant colors and dirt formations with natural flora and fauna along the sides of the road. Layers of the dirt made of different colors and we are watching road trip to California with beautiful green tall trees even water in ponds and flowing rivers and through cascade of water falling in to lakes of water. Walking in the river water enjoying natural phenomena. Fishes swimming in the rivers watching exploring nature and walking through trails and then sitting on a large stone seat. We also went walking in the snow , so we can learn how to walk comfortably and after exploring snow and experiencing cold we went back to our field trip bus and went back home after nice travelling. We also went another field trip early morning jogging and then went back home. Even walking and exploring walking  and reaching to see great wall of china and exploring different works of natural art museums and going above the forests even through clouds and watching above the clouds , looking down the window watching oceans and blue turquoise water and sometimes steaming geysers from the surface of earth even pink flamingo lake with minerals and a camping school road trip even through corn field and buying pumpkins for our kids in October and let them walking in the woods through falling leaves and falling tree branches and taking pictures of weeds and walking through muddy water to explore  wooded area near by and walking back  to write another excellent adventures blog of the day. We even watched northern lights phenomenon in the dark cold Alaska. I think our thought of the day, even in evening turns out to be good. Its turning dark outside and I do not feel good with these weird people and they keep on showing same free king stupid bitching videos,  why they born retarded kids. I think thought of the day is done.

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