Meyers lemon

Today is Friday December 4. Its morning time and fall is over and winter is approaching. I think our mini maple tree looks so small and a car just passed the street. I hope I will write something, so I feel better. I think outside sun is rising and our grass looks same, nothing changes still bored and neighbors’ truck just passed by. My neighbor seems horrible. I think we are going to write about Meyers lemons. Meyers lemon is named after Frank Meyer around 1908 by department of agriculture in USA. Its native to Asia and good source of antioxidants, Vitamin C, Mg, Ca.  name of the antioxidants present in it are limonene thymol and flavonoids and even folate. Now I am going to write benefits of Meyers lemon.

  • Vitamin C is very good for skin and good for health because it helps to boost immune system to cure diseases.
  • Phyto nutrients present in Meyers lemons are good to fight diseases.
  • Ca is good for bone health.
  • Lemon juice is very healthy for weight loss.
  • Lemon juice is good for heart health because of presence of Vitamin C.

I think we wrote enough for today and I am going to read a book and I hope I will spend this day as peacefully as I can.  I will write something else later.

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