walk in the wood along with moss

When we were walking in nearby woods, we found another value able plant called moss. we can see it in our backyards, in the grass, even near weeds. In mostly moist and near water, rivers. Moss is one of the oldest plants on planet earth and used in gardening area, and pathways and even planning garden in between plants. Uses of moss plant.

  • It could be alternative to mulch and it purify water and prevents erosion of soil. Its growth is very compact, and it cleans stagnant water.  Now we are going to write medicinal uses of moss plant.
  • In herbal medicine moss is used as diuretic.
  • Sphagnum moss is used as healing wounds. It has antiseptic properties.
  • Moss cures coughs and inhibits bacteria.
  • Moss helps to reduce brain inflammation.
  • Moss is Eco friendly and helps to reduce toxins of soil and water.

There are many kinds of mosses may have different medicinal and may have nutritional value to. It may be helpful to feed wild animals in winter when they are out of food supplies. I think we are done for today.


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