Walk in the woods

Today is Wednesday and its almost afternoon and weather seems cloudy and grey and I think its going to rain today and I am having a night mare I am experiencing horrible visions  and now I am hearing same awful words again, bati dekh and its seems that some body trying to say bad things to someone’s daughter and we are supposed to send someone to save her. Outside grass look same and I think its going to be severe thunder storms and American flag is waving and our neighbors pine tree seems fine and growing tall  and a mail truck just passed by and I hope our  dog start using toilet and stop pooing in his pant and stop shitting on deck every day another car passed by. We are sick and tired of cleaning his shit and another car passed by. A school bus just arrived. Another car passed by and bamboos are waving towards the window. All the fall dry leaves seem to disappeared and our grass is green and hopefully gets another Rain shower. We bought baking soda to disinfect outer deck because of our dog pooing issues. I think we need to find another kind of backyard weed plant to write about, so we keep on writing and our life goes on. I think I am going for walk. I went for long walk in the trails of wooded trails nearby. Dirt was full of fall leaves. most of the wooded area was very silent and we see few cabins on the way and walking in the woods in nice winter with cold air feels very good. Nobody was there to bother me, and I did not hear any odd voices at all. The only wooded area with dirt path and dry vegetation except few weeds were there. Few twigs fell in the woods, few trees about to fall, some white tree branches were on fall leaves in the wooded area. We took some pictures of woods, some trees, dry leaves and even moss and a weed. Then after nice walk in the walking wooded trail, we return home. That’s the only walk we went to the woods after so many days. Now I am hearing another voice while posting our blog after long walk in the woods, sahi ha tu. we are sick and tired of hearing this voice. i think after posting this I am going to write about sorrel and dandelion. bye for now.      

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